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BLACK Lemonade Project Testimonials

"The parent-to-parent interactions help activate a family-based community."        G. Groves


"This has been an eye opening experience.  The Black Lemonade reps were very clear in allowing us to dissect our habits and behavioral origins as parents.  I wish we could have had more time to explore the possibilities (which appear to be endless) of continuing to discover ways to make myself better so that I am ultimately a better parent."   N. S. Jackson


"I thoroughly enjoyed the session on ineffective and effective communication.  I learned a great deal in such a short period of time about my own parenting skills."   L. M. Cassell


"I found strength in knowing that what goes on in my home may or may not be the right thing.  Such as becoming more engaged with their interests or making sure that they stay on task. Having Black Lemonade support helped a great deal.  I've made some awesome friends."        R. Cole                                                                  


"I enjoyed the closeness through the meetings.  Also the comments and respect we had for each other."   B. Cooper


"As I am a white grandparent of white grandchildren I did not think that I would be accepted.  I am so glad that they said yes.  All parents need to be involved with this project.  All children have problems.  All parents need help at times."      S. Hudkins


"Have you ever felt alone?  Well, here it is:  Black Lemonade.  A chance for you to experience family values, raising your sons and daughters etc.  I've been to six sessions of Black Lemonade.  I cried.  I laughed.  I shared.  I listened.  I prayed, but most of all, I touched other parents.  I'm a single parent raising a nine year old son.  Through my experience with this project I developed a whole other family. "   L. Harris

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