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BLACK Lemonade Project



A parent, grandparent or guardian who is raising school-age children (K-12) in their home and:


• Values education as the key to the future.

• Believes their children can become successful adults.

• Seeks strategies to help their children succeed in school.

• Intends to see their children graduate from high school.

• Desires better ways to communicate with their children.

• Struggles to balance work and family responsibilities.

• Wants to improve their effectiveness as a parent.

•  Prefers to use different discipline practices than their parents did.

• Wishes for alternative recreational activities for community youth.

• Treasures family ties and intergenerational relationships.

• Appreciates heritage and culture.




WILL commit the time to fulfill the following expectations:


• Join a 12-16 member parent team


• Attend one 90 minute pre-conference session


• Complete five (5) written self-evaluations


• Participate in the Phase I Conference Kickoff  event


• Participate in the Phase I Conference


• Participate in six (6) follow-up sessions


• Participate in the Phase II Conference


• Participate in one follow-up session.


• Attend other events as mutually determined by the team.

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