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Empowering parents to squeeze success out of life’s circumstances

The BLACK Lemonade Project is a culturally-based program that utilizes an empowerment curriculum to guide and support intentional conversations about current challenges facing parents of school-age children.  Building upon their individual and collective strength, parents of all races discover new ways to think differently about themselves, their children and their future.  Using culture as a lens, they begin to envision an active family-based community in which they can thrive and grow.   Participants acquire skills and tools to “squeeze success out of life’s circumstances.”  The BLACK Lemonade Project is a refreshing blend of hope, help, pride and vision.         


The BLACK Lemonade Project assists parents in the acquisition of effective parenting skills, builds upon strengths within their heritage and family structure, improves communication between them and their children, especially boys, and increases academic performance in school. The expected outcomes include:


· Reinforcement of effective parenting skills for home and school.

· Promotion of effective home-school communications techniques.

· Introduction to student performance monitoring routines.

· Adoption and practice of empowered parenting routines

· Participants committed to model routines for other parents. 

""The parent-to-parent interactions help activate a family-based community."

- G. Groves

""This has been an eye opening experience.  The Black Lemonade reps were very clear in allowing us to dissect our habits and behavioral origins as parents.  I wish we could have had more time to explore the possibilities (which appear to be endless) of continuing to discover ways to make myself better so that I am ultimately a better parent."
  - N. S. Jackson

""I thoroughly enjoyed the session on ineffective and effective communication.  I learned a great deal in such a short period of time about my own parenting skills."
 -L. M. Cassell

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